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„I’m old“ habe ich für Ukulele und Stimme geschrieben. Mit meinem Duo heartcore habe ich es in der Besetzung Gesang, Ukulele, Bass und Schlagzeug aufgenommen…

i’m old

tears falling slowly down, you
feel like the oldest song, try
shining through your bones
heart melting all your stones, let
go of your control, let
go of your control, hide

kindly in your cells
feel how your gettin’ well
and trust yourself without a doubt
hear yourself just breathing out, and
tie the oldest bond of all,
hold your hands and just recall…

i‘m old
i‘m old
i know my home
i know where i belong
one day i will fly
back there when i die, but

’till the day i fly
i‘m caring while i cry, it’s
hard to rest when one’s on earth,
hard and loud for a rebirth, but
still i‘m breathing through and through
i‘m getting there,
do you hear?

i‘m old (…)
(…) back there once i die, i

rest inside my fire, i
reach behind my own desire, those
waves of being just alive, in
which i simply dive, just
resting in the oldest mind, the
earth alone is blind….

i‘m old (…)
(extra) i‘m old, i‘m old, i‘m old……

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