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„Heartcore“ is driven by a very old longing of speaking the same musical language with Konstantin. Playing together has always been very easy for us. Like breathing or having a heartbeat. Something that just happens to you as a gift, if you are lucky.

We tried to play in a lot of different forms, but were never just given that feeling of – that’s it! That’s what we’re going to do! We had to found our trio nightmore with Andreas to finally be able to get to know our own form as a duo.


Heartcore is what it is because of who we are. We hardly ever do something somehow or just like that. Most of our doings have intent, craving or some kind of purpose. A heart, so to speak. And we are heartcore because of the way we believe and trust each other.

This is the first video of our duo „heartcore“. We both fell in love with „Shape of my heart“ a few months ago and have been working with different sounds and settings. Enjoy!
Guitar and vocals: Konstantin Uhrmeister
Bass and vocals: me
Here is my first song „I’m old“ that I’ve composed for Voice and Ukulele. This is the heartcore-version. Voice and Ukulele: me – Bass and drums: Kaptain Clocks.

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