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How does one put something into words which feels like utter reality, breathing and being alive? We are very close. Each and everyone of us understands the language of the other. It’s like being a – – – trio. And our name – nightmore – is our first try to put a name to that.

We feel related in our ways of experiencing music, art and life. (Not necessarily in that order.) Three artists, all very individual, but always getting closer to oneself by playing and working together with the other two.

Konstantin Uhrmeister, guitar and vocals – Andreas Pichler, drums and vocals – Antonia Uhrmeister, bass and vocals

We feel very strongly about real live recordings, which excludes things like auto-tuning, cuts and every other form of fiddling around with the original material. What you hear is really who we are and how we live and how we develop together.

The first song we wrote together. Burn your brain.
The „Waltz“ of our drummer Andreas Pichler was originally composed for his duo with his brother and bassist Matthias Pichler. We developed this version, where Konstantin improvises all along Andreas‘ voice part as a kind of counter melody and I keep us on the ground by playing only the fundamental bass notes. It’s a lot about pause and space, letting it sound rather than making the sound… As you can see, we are still experimenting with our approach of making videos. It’s all new to us, much fun and much to learn of course.
This is our first Herbert Grönemeyer cover. We were working on it over the last months and developing all kinds of different ideas. And well, all three of us thought, that this song could have a bit more… rock.
Unsichtbar (means: invisible) is our first own song we share with you. As you’ll realise it has a rather complex structure. A bit like life itself…
Konstantin originally composed it playing the piano. But he loves this version. The dramatic character of the music and the lyrics simply need the rock setting.
So this is the first Cover we dare to share! We deeply fell in love with this beautiful song of Sting and slowly developed our very own version.
Today it feels like a song of our own. 🙂

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